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and so i said.


last paper tomorrow and im already very lazy to study for it ): tskkk. i rly don care leeeee 
argh. cant wait for tomorrow to be over! and then its the holidayssssssssss.
will be working to get some $$$ so that i can get my G11! :D tehehe. cant wait muahahahahaha
great, my mom went for pedi without me ): and so im stuck at home, studying. this is call SHIT. 
really really need to concentrate now D: 1 last day and then it'll be freeeeeedom!!!! 

at the next 11:11

 even if it may not be true, i will still hope that, everyone's relationship can turn out fine. (:
i have a friend, who broke up i cant remember how long ago. 
and as usual, me being a kpo girl, i went to read the girl's blog. 
i read most of her post, and eventually, again, i placed myself in her shoes. 
if i were to be in the same situation, how would i feel. 
horrible. seriously. i won't be able to carry on. 
even though i know somehow i'll have to carry on, i won't know how. 
every single thing the guy does, may it be on fb, twitter, msn pm/nick, photos. you'll just cant help it but wanna look at it. 
a single photo with another girl will drag u down again. another twitter reply to the same girl he replied to 100 times before will send you down to hell. 
you know he's joking but it just feels like a flirt-y sentence to you.  
i dread thinking about this feeling, and yet, there's actually someone out there experiencing this feeling. 
i can't do anything to help both of them, because, it's just out of my circle. 
even if i could help, i wont know how, i just don't. 
i just hope that the girl can pick herself up soon, either forget him or get him back.
i know its so easy to say right, but i guess, its all in your head. 
some says time will heal wadever crap, but how long is it gonna take? 
i hope for the best for this girl. 

and as usual, i was pmsy today ): plus he just had to annoy me :< and so my mood totally went haywire and i just... cant get myself into the mood to do anything. i know you had a very very very long day, plus u didnt sleep much last night, and u still have to deal with my pms ): im sorry. i'm gonna try, and  make everything right. i don't think i can manage if the same thing happen to me as the girl i mentioned. so don't don't don't ignore me for wadever reason k. if you think im over the limit please tell me. u may not bare telling me tat but JUST DO IT KAY.
i love you.  

electronic manic supersonic bionic energy

Credits to: Konstantin Sutyagin

k since it has been so long since i last blogged. oh well anyways, nothing much happened right. 
its just the same old thing. school study sleep watch shows online. nothing much D: and this sucks. 
ok i'm lying about the study part. I'VE YET STARTED ON STUDYING. and theres only about 2-3 wees left ): ohemgeee (geee)
so some update bout my life, it was jas' birthday recently and went over to her house for her party. weeeee. (i love sushi) 
and went crazy in her house i guess. cake smashing was the best (Y) but ohhh the cheese cake was so good felt a little bad smashing it. tehehehe. went crazy camwhore-ing on her dslr and JAS PLEASE UPLAOD IT SOON K :D 

oh and so what did i do today? i... stayed home. woke up at 930. went back to sleep at 1130. slept till 330. and woke up, watched we got married kekekeke love khuntoria. then went on to search for videos to watch, korean dramas +++ but ): none interests me. AND i need a plan to meet up for projs with ppl. SOON. hahahaha SUCKS ): i hate projs. i mentioned that already right????!!!

ANYWAYS mom and sis' gonna be back from shanghai soon. and there goes my freedom x10. it's gonna become x5 ):
k shall study tomorrow, FOR SURE. and to make sure, im gonna leave the house to study. too much distractions at home =[ AND also, i need a job. considering jobs at Manhattan but i'll have to look at hannah (OMG) or pepper lunch which should be quite alright since i love the food there muahaha. but i cant imagine myself eating pepper lunch everyday :O 

wha siao, zy ask me go play badminton tmr 8-10. HAHAHAH. great chance to workout :D provided i manage to wake up luh. 

happy birthday singapore :D

 and so i spent my day at bugis, with eva, shopping.. walking around.. looking for a job... 
and basically thats how my day went ;D 

and it has only been 1 day... but D: 
im just no good without you ):

hey my lovely people ASK ME OUT CANNNNNNNNNN? hahahahahahaa. 


 feels like shifting blog again cuz im freaking bored of livejournal, but then again, i've already wrote so much here, so why nto just continue right. HAHAHAHA. and so to update everyone who is reading this, I'VE CUT MY HAIR :D 

and so yes, this is how i currently look, with my eyes a little bigger of coz :D 
WEHEHEHEHE. i kindda like my hair now. short and sweet, in a sense that when i wash my hair, I DON HAVE TO BE SO TIRED U KNOW, LIKE. GAH RARRR ARGHHHH. 
ok so im getting out of class now. weeeeee. :D 

oh ya, we made it to the next round of captain's ball!!!!!!!! :D:D


 on-ed my desktop after N years and OMGOSH IT'S STILL WORKING!!!! did a video for FOM project. hahaha
i realised im always doing video stuff and i don mind doing them. hehehehe. k so im just blogging to kill time while i send the video to evelyn. kekekeke. 

met hannah in np today. HAHAHAH. miss her so much she's crazy already. HAHAHA. and then went to eat pepper lunch with alton and went down to bugis to shop. like quick shopping ttm can. HAHAHA. bought shoesssssssssssss from rubi. i swear i will get vans, SOME DAY. kekekek. he bought 2 top and im sure he's gonna wear it TOMORROW. like cannot wait one this kind of things. new one MUST WEAR if not u're nv gonna wear it :D kekeke.

k so all the poly dudes, projs are almost due AGAIN so JIA YOU EVERYBODY. SCREW PROJECTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. :D 


): im dam bored. econs tutorial got canceled so we had 4 hrs of break. and then everyone else pon ITB except for ME EVELYN AND MINGREN
LIKE WOOOO WE ARE GOOD STUDENTS!!! but u see the thing is, i didnt pay attention at all ): so i know nuts about wad he taught. AND WTF S ACCESS LUH. like which kind soul wanna teach me ): 
k. im done. i wanna go home sleep. do itb. play maple. eat. sleep. drink bubble tea. 
i feel like a good girl today :D 

flock beta!

 i remember posting about flock browser like, LONG TIME AGO. and i REALLY LOVE FLOCK!!!!!!!! :D so now i'm promoting FLOCK BETA! it's super user friendly if you are always on facebook/twitter (im sure i can find extention for friendster soon LOLS) 
so flock beta, one, the design is super simple, almost like google chrome (didnt rly use it) but yes, SIMPLE DESIGN, no annoying toolbar like IE. if u hate toolbars, USE FLOCKBETA! 
and, flockbeta has a sidebar, that connects you to facebook/twitter/youtube, all the updates will be at the sidebar, like, YOU DONT HAVE TO KEEP SWITCHING BETWEEN FACEBOOK AND TWITTER ANYMORE. wahahahhaa. 
next, they have LOTSSSS OF EXTENSIONS. hehehe, one is the webpage screenshot extension i downloaded. so u can just take screenshot, and it will be in png format!!! like, no need to press print screen and go paint and all the shit, LIKE FUN ONLY :D
kk many many more extensions but im just too lazy to download them anymore. and wooo i rly love this clean and simple design. HEHEHE. 


i hate school ):

OHMYGEEEEEE like dam sian ): in itb lesson now and he's going through the paper again. i think half the class is just fb-ing and like, doing their own stuff. HAHAHAH. im dam bored too, and i cant wait to get home to sleepppppppp :D muahahahahhahaa.
im like getting lazier (theres this word? o.o) to go muaythai. actually it's not muaythai's fault. i think i'm just lazy to move my freaking butt D: like, ahhh i just wanna sit home, play maple/audition and like, just eat nissin cup noodles, grow fat and old, ignore all my projects tat are gonna be due in like 3 or 4 weeks, and just SLACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.
so far my results are ok... im still scared for POA paper, which we should be getting back on friday, so good luck to me mama :D
dam, i hate excel, i swear. first im learning excel, then my mom ask me to type some shit on excel for her ): ohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy ):
k, im just being VERYYYY random...

i wanna eat drumlet, LIKE NAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO D: 
i wan watch toys story 3 leiiiiiiiii. OH KILL ME. SIAN. DAM SIAN. D: 


ok, so mediacorp didnt allow photo taking, howell never mind... reached at bout 12.30pm. the first girl queued the previous day at 1pm. like WTML -.- omgosh. ok so nevermind. we got a level 2 seat, rather clear view except for the spot lights shining on us, blinding our eyes. apart from tat, THEY WERE AMAZING LIKE OMGOSHHHHHHHHH. like seriously, i screamed like no tomorrow... omgomgomg. im dam sure dongwoon saw my board like AS USUAL. hehehehehe. still considering if i should just go down to IMM tmr and like, just scream to dongwoon again. hehehhee. thinking, thinking. howellll :D:D 
k, more details ask me please, like too hot to describe le :D muahahaha.

OK... i seriously need to start on my work soon D: like asap. howell. good luck to me marn, shall go eat magie mee naoooo. hungry like, no dinner ): gosh.

cant i just stop being like this, just this once??